Organic Gardens: A Garden & Greenhouse Blueprint Manual for All

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Organic Gardens: A Garden & Greenhouse Blueprint Manual for All

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Unlock the Secrets of Sustainable Living: Your Pathway to Organic Permaculture Mastery! Introducing the Ultimate Online Gardening Course on Organic Permaculture for Greenhouses and Backyard Gardens!

Have you ever dreamt of transforming your backyard or greenhouse into a lush, organic haven? Ever felt the urge to cultivate your own garden, bursting with fresh, sustainable produce, but didn’t know where to start? Your solution is just a click away with our comprehensive online gardening course!

Why This Course is a Game-Changer: Rooted in Expertise: Dive deep into the world of organic permaculture with industry-leading experts who’ve successfully transformed barren lands into bountiful gardens through our acclaimed online gardening course.

Hands-On Learning: Our online course isn’t just theory. Experience real-time, step-by-step demonstrations, interactive modules, and practical assignments that ensure you’re ready to cultivate as you learn.

Universal Application: Whether you have a sprawling greenhouse or a cozy backyard garden, our strategies are tailored to spaces of all sizes, making this the perfect online gardening course for any enthusiast.

Access & Updates: The world of organic permaculture is ever-evolving. With access to this online gardening course, you’ll always be at the forefront, learning new updates and techniques.

Community & Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded gardeners. Share, learn, and grow together, with expert guidance available at every step through our interactive online gardening course platform.

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As a special thank you to our Central Oregon community, we’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive mentorship opportunity for those who embark on our online gardening course journey. For an additional $300, you can elevate your learning experience with personalized guidance and consultation. This unique offer includes direct responses to your gardening queries and challenges through 10 tailored email consultations throughout the season. Whether you’re facing a tricky garden dilemma or simply seeking expert advice to enhance your green space, this mentorship is like having a personal gardening consultant at your fingertips. Embrace this chance to deepen your gardening expertise and ensure your garden thrives under the careful guidance of a seasoned professional. Remember, great gardens grow with shared knowledge and personal care! Email us after purchasing the course for this offer. 

The Impact?

Imagine stepping into your garden, the aroma of fresh herbs enveloping you, as you pick sun-ripened tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Envision the pride in serving meals made with ingredients you’ve nurtured from seed to plate. Feel the tranquility that comes from a harmonious, sustainable garden ecosystem you’ve created through the knowledge gained from our online gardening course.

Summary of chapters in the course 

Chapter 1: Introduction 

This chapter entails the history of organic farming and how over the years we have created advanced farming techniques, a fundamental concept explored in our online gardening course. The chapter focuses on creating a symbiotic relationship with your garden and practicing patience towards overgrown weeds and insects present in the garden and greenhouse. This chapter shows how things that may seem unpleasant but have an important part to play in the ecosystems of gardens and greenhouses.

Chapter 2: Soil Basics 

This Chapter dives into the basics of soil and what it is made up of. How different layers are so important to understand as an organic gardener. The depth of understanding will leave you how naturally things in nature heal and replenish themselves when not disturbed. It discusses the molecular structure of soil and how electrons are holding the soil and how to fix sandy and clay soils. Who all live in the soil and what role do they play for the health of the soil?

Chapter 3: Nurturing the soil 

This Chapter discusses soil structure and the importance and meaning of soil tilth. Why oxygen is important for soil and how plants root take up oxygen. This chapter discusses different type of amendments and what minerals and fertilizers are absorbed by plants and what these fertilizers and minerals provide to the plants. The chapter discusses what organic fertilizers and what certified organic means and how to get the certification.

Chapter 4: Amendments to soil 

This chapter discusses various organic methods to amend your soil. How to make compost correctly and the process of composting. This chapter shares about biochar and its use. What is compost tea and how to make it? Using cover crops and mulches as an amendment to soil.

Chapter 5: Seeds 

This chapter dives into what seeds are and how plants propagate naturally. This chapter speaks about different seeds like heirloom, open pollinated, hybrid seeds and GMO and GE seeds. This chapter entails detail to understand what you need to know about seeds before you buy them, how to collect them and how to do seed starting with soil blocks. What is a soil block? It is discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 6: The growing mound 

This chapter dives into hugelkultur mounds, how they are done traditionally and how shakti Farm design does there with some extra steps. This chapter will show you how to make your own if you are inclined towards this method and philosophy.

Chapter 7: Companion Planting 

This is the chapter you all have been waiting for in our online gardening course. This chapter discusses in detail what companion planting is, how nature does it and how to strategically combine different families of plants together to create an excellent resilient environment that benefits both the plants and the local environment where they are grown.

Chapter 8: Pest management using companion planting and biological control

Did you know you can use companion planting to reduce pests and insects in your garden and greenhouse. This chapter discusses different companion plants and how they can be used to keep targeted pests away. This chapter also discusses using biological control such as bacterias and parasites which are safe for the garden and humans but enemies of the pest and harmful insects.

Chapter 9: Conclusion 

This chapter concludes, gives references and expresses gratitude towards course participants for being part of the course.


This isn’t just a course; it’s a transformational journey. A journey from curious beginner to confident organic permaculture maestro. If you’re serious about sustainable living, about truly understanding and connecting with the earth beneath your feet, our online gardening course is your pathway.

Are you ready to cultivate change? Buy the course now and let’s sow the seeds of a sustainable, organic future together with our Online Gardening Course at Shakti Farm Design.