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Shakti Farm Greenhouse and Garden work is beautiful. Highly recommend.”

– Nicole Melinda, Home owner in Bend, Oregon

Creating A Sustainable World Together.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to Shakti farm and Garden designs.

A small step through creating a green thriving environment on your land is helping shape the future of our planet. Growing your own vegetables in the greenhouse is cutting down on carbon emissions produced through transportation of vegetables and giving nature time to heal from the upset caused in the natural balance in soil through monoculture. Thank you for doing your part in countering climate change and creating a sustainable living for your family and community.

We are committed to lead as an example and guide to create sustainable backyard Zen food forest gardens, farms and fruit tree gardens. Our commitment is to lead the way by creating better than the best that is out there in the field of sustainable development and living.

Our goal is not only to meet the organic standards but to exceed them and do better. Our principal foundation is based on the way nature works. The principle we follow in our gardens and greenhouses is how the forests flourish in nature undisturbed. In Nature, the old trees fall down and new growth emerges on the fallen trunks, recycling the old growth to create energy and nutrients in the soil for the next generation. The basics of how life energy is building in nature is what we follow in our gardens and greenhouses. We source our logs and tree clippings from local arborists. The logs and clippings are sourced ecologically and are either byproducts of pruning or removal of hazardous or fallen trees.

The focus of our work is soil health. We are what we eat, and the plants and the vegetables that we consume are also in their own nature consuming from the soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants and we are dedicated to building soil structure so as to create a sustainable environment for the plants and microorganism to flourish. We have created a whole plan for the soil so that you do not have to figure it out from scratch on how to grow healthy crops without using chemical fertilizers. From cover crops to introducing mycelium and beneficial bacteria we have it all. The plan and schedule can be implemented in your existing garden and greenhouse.

The aspect of sustainability is using local resources and sustainably using water. The irrigation systems and plans we have are proven over time to save water and create an oasis for healthy growth.
We have also planned out a year round growing schedule for vegetables for heated greenhouses. The schedule includes companion planting which means to grow plants that benefit each other’s growth. For instance when we grow tomatoes with strawberries the root structure does not compete for the same nutrients so they create a symbiotic relationship underground to share the resources and build a healthy root system to fight off diseases. We also introduce a mycelium network that creates a healthy root structure and improves overall health of the soil and the plants.

The wood log foundation includes applying a thick layer of organic hay and cardboard to make water retention and create a sponge structure to conserve water and to marinate the process of decomposition of the logs. This technique along with the other thoughtful ideas are beneficial in the future of your gardens or greenhouses.

Our designs and gardens are there to bring out the quality of meditation when you walk through them. We encourage playing music for your plants 24 hours and the meditation music of Himalayan flute and classical piano will be a gift from us to bring in the calmness and serenity to you and your environment.
There is so much more, to book a 15 minute free consultation please visit our contact page.