Frequently asked questions

Learn the basics about greenhouse plans and growing in Bend, Oregon

Who is Shakti Farm Design? 

Shakti Farm design is your one-stop for everything you need to create a sustainable greenhouse. Our techniques and advanced technology are shaping the path for growing food sustainably in the High Desert. We are pioneers in Central Oregon, dedicated to our motto of serving top quality to our clients and thriving to reach our standards to excel and be the best in the growing vegetable realm. 

Curious about our recent projects? Here’s a greenhouse we built recently for a local Sunriver school! You can view other recent work here.

Why choose Shakti Farm Design?

We are dedicated to providing the best quality product with a commitment of making relationships with the client where we are there every step with you to make your growing experience easy, manageable, sustainable, and joyful. We stand behind our products, services, and education. 

We go in-depth about every aspect of our process so the quality of food that our clients have with their families is pure. 

We believe that our clients need support and help through the journey of being sustainable, and we are committed to our services. 

We believe that if we cannot explain what we do to a six-year-old, we do not understand our product and services. We explain our process to our clients in an understandable way to help make their dream of having a sustainable growing experience into a manifested reality. When the client feels confident that they can do it themselves, we are satisfied that we delivered our vision. 

What do we do for our clients? 

We create a fully equipped and functional greenhouse. 

We cover everything, from building structures to making permaculture-designed growing medium to creating a fully automated watering system, so you don’t have to worry about watering your plants.

 We also install electric fans and exhaust fans. Our team employs electrical installation and thermostats, so when the temperature is high, the fans go on by themselves. This eliminates the need for a person to be in the greenhouse all the time for watering and switching the fan. 

We create a healthy soil management system by introducing beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microbes. We also provide a whole year plan on soil health and maintenance in our grower’s handbook

We bring joy and smiles to our clients when they see food growing year-round on their land, from their garden to their table. 

What is a Grower’s Handbook?

Our Grower’s Handbook is a compilation of how to care for your greenhouse as a whole, healthy system. It includes a year-round food growing schedule with when to sow what. It entails detailed operational manuals of sustaining a year around the greenhouse, with techniques on pest control, soil health management, and other best practices.

While we do our research to compile this Grower’s Handbook, clients are also encouraged to do their own research and choose what works best for their desired goals.

Why are these products expensive? 

Our greenhouses and zen gardens are upscale for good reason. We do not compromise on our quality. We are committed to bringing the best to our clients and go the extra mile every day to keep up our quality and promise. 

Our methods and techniques are meticulous in every aspect of the greenhouse or the fruit tree garden and are detailed. We do not take shortcuts in our approach; we go for the long run knowing that it will benefit our clients. This is why our processes involve extra care and extra effort. Our products are an initial investment that will improve your health and the well-being of our world in the long run. 

Our products are an investment in your healthy well-being and add value to your property.  A house with sustainable year-round growing greenhouse and heirloom zen fruit tree gardens improves your home’s current and resale value.

When do we get started with our project? 

After a complete site visit and conversion, the client signs the contract. Once we receive the first payment, we start booking dates for greenhouse construction and coordinating with suppliers.

As soon as a date is confirmed, we’ll get started! The client stays well-informed every step of the way.